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Leather Seat Covers VS Fabric Seat Covers

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Car seat covers are important as they protect the seats from damage thus you don't have to buy the seats every now and then. Due to the importance of the covers, it's important to buy the right ones. Car seat covers are of two main types: leather and fabric covers.

Leather covers

These units come in many colors such as red, tan, and black. In addition to the covers being attractive, they are also soft and supple thus add an extra dose of comfort. The units also have a pleasant and distinct smell that is usually noticeable in new cars.

When it comes to cleaning, they are usually very easy to clean. This is because all you need is a wet piece of cloth and use to wipe the covers with it.

A car with leather seat covers has a higher resale value; therefore, if you are the owner of the car, you will sell your car at a high price.

Since leather is naturally durable, you won't have to keep on buying new covers every now and then.

While the units have these advantages, they have their fair share of negatives. One disadvantage is that they are more expensive compared with other covers such as fabric covers.

Due to the amount of material that is discarded during the making of the units, they are not considered environmentally friendly.

The material also tends to change with the weather conditions. For example, when it's hot, the material can become too hot and stick to your skin. In winter the material can become too cold for you to sit on.

Fabric seat covers

They come in different colors, textures, and patterns. In addition to this, they are comfortable to sit on. They also don't change with the weather conditions like the leather units.

Since they are made from a breathable material, they usually stay at the same temperature all year round.

Unlike their leather counterparts, these covers are cheap; therefore, affordable for many people.

Just like everything else, they have their disadvantages. One disadvantage is that they are more difficult to clean and stain easily. They also absorb odor easily which is hard to get rid of.

The units also fade when they are exposed to sun for a long time. They are also not as long lasting as leather covers; therefore, you need to buy them regularly which can be expensive for many people.

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